Helpful Tips & Links

Things you can do

1. Keep the air filters clean! Check them monthly. 

Use your electric bill as your monthly reminder. A dirty or clogged air filter causes the system to run longer and that runs up your bill. Buy a case of air filters and keep them on hand. 

2. Don't make big changes in the temperature setting.

If you want to raise the temperature when you leave home during the day, only raise the temperature setting 3 degrees. Large temperature swings cause the system to run for extended periods without cycling off. This causes extra wear on the unit without any noticeable savings.

3. Keep bedroom doors open whenever possible,

especially during the day when the kids are gone. Don’t close any room air vents. The better the air can circulate throughout your home, the more efficiently and evenly it cools.

4. Close the window blinds and drapes

on the sunny side of your home, especially in the afternoon. Sunny windows allow heat to fill a room in just minutes!

5. Check chimney to see if your fireplace is working properly.

With the flume open, or not shutting properly, you will lose air, making your unit work harder.

6. Clean and vacuum vents, baseboard heaters and ducts.

 Do not put anything in front of them either. Any blockage will decrease the air flow in your house and make your unit work harder.

7. Seal air leaks in the attic and around windows and doors.

Eliminate the loss of air – caulk around windows and vents, weather strip the outside doors, install rubber gaskets behind outlets and use switch plates on exterior walls.

8. Lower the temperature of your water heater to 120°F.

For every 10-degree decrease in temperature, you may save 3% – 5% on your energy costs.